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  1. Shadowfox

    BSO and FK merger

    BSO and FK merger After some careful consideration as well as some late night meetings with the FK staff. We have decided to join forces with them. This will mean that BSO will dissolve most of it's assets into FK however we we will still remain a group of players known as BSO but we'll be operating as a subcommunity of FK. For everyone that doesn't know FK community or hasn't kept up to date with the latest changes i suggest you go and check out their website at https://www.fuckknows.eu/ for some further information and for any questions feel free to contact any of our staff. Details of the merger. In the coming weeks we will slowly dissolve our TS,Arma servers, Discord (partially) into FK. Plans for our Arma server atm are as follows: 1 server will be used to host a 24/7 mission file exile/antistasi/I&A of course under FK's name and with their ruleset (very similar to ours) another server for Arma will be used to host missions that don't adhere to their standard modset such as Unsung,OPTRE,... as well as perhaps some overflow missions. I have told FK that i don't want to see any preferential treatment for BSO members because we don't want to annoy the people that have played there for ages with suddenly showing up and getting ranks on day 1. So we wil be working our way back up in their ranking system. However the ranking system is definitely not that bad and all their missions are open to anyone. some staff may receive 'preferential' treatment per se, in that they will be given the permissions to organise elements of the merger. This is to ensure the smoothest of transitions and is not something afforded to all staff, but only those key to the process. IF you have any questions at all regarding the merger please leave an @ShadowFox @Staff question in the #future-of-bso channel we wil respond as quickly as possible.
  2. Shadowfox

    Another Tiny modpack update

    Added mod : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1383094845 Mod created by ShadowFox It adds a custom russian faction with some more interesting AI loadouts. Medics will have more bandages + blood, rifleman will have fglashlight on their gun,marksman with claymores and HMG crews etc. they're all designed to work with and for VCOM AI + ACE3 more to be added and yes i do take suggestions ^^
  3. Shadowfox

    Modpack Update (Tiny)

    New added mod to the modpack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1382432755 Mod by Lawrence which gives medics the ability to self stitch. In future we might add on to this particular mod with extra options for medics and other things.
  4. Shadowfox

    Lib server back Online

    The liberation server is back online. Map: Altis Changes (in comparison to last one): HALO re-enabled, 10 minute reset timer Difficulty (armor,vics etc.) from easy -> normal Aggresivity (counter attacks) from light -> normal Day length: 4 hours (Day+Night) with faster night Battlegroups (groups of ai) and defending AI in buildings lowered. 12 -> 8 and 0.4 occupancy to 0.2 ... you can always check mission parameters in the map view. OTHER NEWS Enhanced Movement and VCOM AI have both updated -> they might be buggy neither of them have released a comprehensive change list (yet) BSO2 is running un unlocked performance binaries so don't get startled when you see the server fps around the 900 fps 😛 And as always feel free to leave any questions/suggestions you have in the feedback channels
  5. Shadowfox

    Calendar update

    The BSO Calendar will now have three different color coded categories : Arma 3 , Community Events and Misc. Events. BSO Members can submit events to the calendar but it needs to be approved by any of the staff. Arma 3 events are just our regular arma 3 BSO Missions and only BSO members and FNG's (website account) can sign up to them. Community events are for when we do ops that include either public people (LT's public ops) or Intercommunity events. Anyone can sign up to those so no need for an account. Misc. Events is again BSO and FNG only and is for any sorts of other games such as squad,battlefield,...
  6. Shadowfox

    LIB server Update

    Liberation 24/7 server will temporarily run Patrol ops 4.2. This file might be buggy and glitchy as it's not meant to be run with ace and other mods by default. I will get a new lib file up and running in the newt few days.
  7. Shadowfox

    BSO Ranking System

    Admin: Core founding members of the community. They have acces to everything Moderator: They moderate both community and the technical side of BSO. They have acces to most of the servers depending on each moderators personal expertise. Staff: Moderate the community itself. They moderate forums,discord,... and are the ones that are a sort of ambassador for BSO. BSO Distinguished member: Members that have gone above and beyond to help the community. They're usually people that take initiative,organize missions,support the upkeep of the server etc... BSO Veteran: Experienced members of the community that have been around for ages. They know what to do and have a broad spectrum of knowledge. BSO Member: Regular old member to BSO BSO Recruit: A fresh applicant to BSO that got through the application process. They will rank up in time to full member depending on playtime and behaviour. FNG: Someone that has joined the website/forums. They may or may not have submitted an application. (We are currently working on a bot to integrate into TS3) Everyone in BSO is held to the same standards don't be afraid to speak out and contact staff/admins with issues. PM any of the staff on discord with questions regarding rank and they will gladly help you.
  8. until
    Description: ////BRIEFING ON OPERATIONAL STRATEGY - CONFIDENTIAL - AUTHORIZED PERSONNELL ONLY //OFFICER IN COMMAND: BRIGADEGENERAL HEINRICH HERTZ //RECIPIENTS TO BE BRIEFED: STRATEGISCHES SONDEREINSATZKOMMANDO DES HEERES: HERTZ //AFFECTED OPERATIONS: OPERATION MAGNESIUM SPARK //TIME OF OPERATION START: EARLY MORNING HOURS, LATE SUMMER 2035 //AREA OF OPERATIONS: NORTH-WEST OF SAINT KAPAULIO //BEGINNING OF DOCUMENT I hope you had an enjoyable four hours of sleep. Today, we enter the second phase of our assault. While you were out, we managed to get most of our supplies landside, before the carrier had to depart. However, we are still quite short on resources overall. We also still lack a proper base. This is what we will work to rectify, with this operation. However, something more pressing has to be taken care of first. We are short on time, but this task gets priority.(edited) //PRIORITY OBJECTIVE: HUMANITARIAN SUPPORT As some of you may have noticed, we were hit by enemy artillery strikes during the night, shortly after we moved in. Luckily enough, our CRAM systems were one of the first to make it in, so it blew over, with the outhouse being the only thing to sustain some shrapnel damage. And if that was not enough of a shitshow, the bad news is, that OPFOR seemed to neither take that in sport, nor care about the laws of war. When they noticed that they are just wasting ammo, they switched targets. Shelled the town, caused a lot of carnage, and the locals are in bad shape. We are not the Americans, and we fix what we break. There is a relief camp with emergency medical treatment, we established an hour ago. We had to take over the market to do so, but I don't think the locals mind that much, right now. The medics down there still have water and food to distribute, but medical supplies are running dry. Take the truck and drive it there, get them the supplies they need. There seems to also be some UXO left on the main road, clear it as fast as you can and move on. This whole thing is putting even more of a strain on our resources, so we need to move fast. //MAIN OBJECTIVE: TAKE CONTROL OF OPFOR HARBOUR The point of this operation is to establish a solid foothold on this island. That means, that we need solid supply lines, and although ships are not that fast, they can carry a lot of stuff, so we will, no doubt, be using that harbour in the future. But we will not be the only ones. We have been in contact with IDAP before this even started and they are already on their way. Adding to that, something makes me feel like they are gonna step on the gas, when they get word of what happened in the night. Seeing as they need to operate mostly without the armed forces flying their supplies in, because of obvious neutrality issues otherwise, they use ships a whole lot more than they use planes. The enemy base that is right next to the harbour will also serve them as an excellent base of operations. We do not have a use for it, after all, seeing as we barely have the resources to keep the lights on here, for a couple of hours even. So, to sum that all up, we need that harbour. The only problem is, that the enemy is holding on to it right now, so we need to convince them to leave the base and the keys with it. I just think that talking is not going to do the trick. After this, it is only going to get harder, so conserve your strength. //MAIN OBJECTIVE: INVESTIGATE HEAT MAP ANOMALY Our sattelites picked up something equally concerning and mysterius. It looks like just rocks, but we can pick up all kinds of electro-magnetic radiation. Radio, SatCom and the usual power grid background hum. So either we are dealing with illegal mining here, with some of the EM-Spikes being in the frequency range of what you could measure in a mine, or we have OPFOR hidden away in a natural fortress, right next to the airfield. Investigate the site, and, if it turns out, that our suspicions are true, clear it out. Expect the worst: Tight angle of attack, heavily defended. Make sure to gather all the intel you need, before you blow the doors open. //MAIN OBJECTIVE: CAPTURE ENEMY AIRFIELD Ultimately, we need that aifield. If we capture it, we can have a whole brigade's worth of heavy weapons here in two, heavy armour in six, and all the CAS we need in twelve hours. The whole of NATO is on standby, if things go REALLY south. Ships are fine and all, but the enemy will have us keeled over, before the first one even gets within sixty miles of this island, if we do not get supplies here fast. It will not be easy, I am not saying that, but you do not really have a choice. As with the cave, you will need solid recon work to make sure everything goes smoothly, relatively speaking. And after that, you need a decisive strike force to execute on that intel. Shock and Awe, people: Do not give them much time to react - They are better equipped, and have more men, but we have the element of unpredictablility. We had the cover of the night, they cannot have that much intel on us after all. Clear the airfield, and prepare it for traffic, cause it is going to see some use.(edited) //SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: OPFOR ARTILLERY BASE: Just when you thought it could not get any worse: more bad news. OPFOR have an artillery base on a mountain close to the airfield. We should work to neutralize it. However, due to the amount of ammo they shot in the night, they should be fairly low on it thoughout the day, at least until tomorrow. So if it is not possible for us to hit that, we can leave it. The airfield will undoubtedly take some damage if we do so, but nothing we should not be able to repair. Means everything will be delayed though, valuable hours wasted. The other danger is, that they will likely use it against any recon element that breaks stealth. As we are a very organized force, properly spread out, and enough medics to spare, (something they should know, as our reputation preceedes us) they probably deem an attack on the main force, using up the last of their ammo, rather pointless. This means that we should not need to expect fire on anything other than spotted recon teams. So as long as we can deal with damage to the airfield and the recon teams are not breaking their stealth, this base should not be too dangerous. Sadly, they have done their job quite handsomely throughout the night, after all. //FURTHER OPERATIONAL PARAMETERS: - You will be provided with MRAPs and two Puma APCs. Mechanized infantry is the most we could muster, given our supply lines. Use them as well as you can. - To maximize potential of the tools at hand, you will need good recon that can get you the info you need. Form one or two teams that can get that for you. - Not everything is a linear path. Although all main objectives need to be done, preferably in order, to minimize enemy combat strength, there could be multiple routes to an objective. Two-prong attacks might also prove effective. Keep that in mind. - Although we should mostly have a clear path, the enemy might have had time to prepare some basic minefields or ambushes. Keep an eye out. - We have scraped together everything we could muster. That means that you will have a full access to any weapon we have in store, even if it is the last one in stock. If this fails we will be needing emergency evac anyways. - Due to a mishap with keeping the nav lights on, in the pitch black of the night, the Tiger sustained quite some damage. We sent it back with the carrier, as we neither had the time, not the resources to repair it. This means, that you will not have access to a gunship helicopter in this operation. - Light, and medium, transport helicopters will be available. Make good use of them, for recon transport and supply runs. - Good luck soldiers, you will need it. ////END OF BRIEFING This mission will be the next step in my Kapaulio campaign, and I am currently working on getting it ready. You will need a custom modpack containing both BWMod and Saint Kaupaulio. I will be posting that well in advance of mission start. On a different note: A huge thank you, to everyone who filled in their preferences, for mission content and roles, in the document I made! The information I gathered was already put to work in this mission, and will continue to shape future missions in my campaign. For those who have not yet put themselves down, the document can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_-zv1koThED0zJCq_4WHNOWxykDYKBRpE7-XOUJ7IEQ/edit?usp=sharing Thank you for anyone taking the time to fill out the document!
  9. Approved Client Side Mods @ BSO Invade and Annex Apex Edition (Only these mods are allowed): Reduced weapon sway HMD DynaSound 2 Blastcore Advanced Weapon Mounting Dynamic View Distance For Zeus GM's Only: Achilles NSS Admin Console Gameplay Enhancement Mods: Reduced weapon sway https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=567737932 ShackTac User Interface https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=498740884 HMD: (Gives HUD’s for Aircraft) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=312724602 HMD RHS: (RHS compatibility; dependant on HMD mod above) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=877530153 Advanced Weapon Mounting (CBA compatibility; ACE optional) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1378046829 Sound Mods: DynaSound 2 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=825181638 Enhanced Soundscape ( Not authorized until it's updated/fixed ) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=82517997 Visual Mods: Sullen Skies Altis,stratis,malden https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=939160383 Blastcore Enhanced: (will impact game performance) This will slow down your game in heavy engagements. It makes smoke bigger but not for AI. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767380317 Dynamic view distance by Lawrence: (will impact game performance) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1360202407 CH view distance(currently included within the modpack) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=837729515 Utility Mods for Zeus/Admin: Achilles: Zeus addons (teleport,arsenal,reinforcement,artillery,...)(must be a BSO ZGM or Admin) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=723217262 NSS Admin Console (advanced admin features.......)(must be a BSO ZGM or Admin) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=626264195 Server-Side Mods (clients do not need to load): VCOM AI: This runs server-side and clients DO NOT need to run this. An ai enhancement mod that makes them flank, use suppressive fire and conduct many more realistic actions. This mod must be run if placing units with Zeus, and you wish VCOM AI to be activated. It is possible to place units as vanilla AI, and then change them over to VCOM AI for the server to handle. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=721359761 Advanced Rappelling https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=713709341 Advanced Urban Rappelling https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=730310357 Advanced Towing https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=639837898 Advanced Sling-Loading https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=615007497
  10. !!! These following rules apply to any and all BSO missions unless otherwise instructed by zeus/gamemaster !!! On joining the server try and always fill out squads top to bottom. Play roles required for the succes of the mission. BSO currently uses an open arsenal. However this does not mean you are allowed to take whatever you want. Check the mission briefing for the uniform/camo. Select weapons for your class and stay in your caliber (for example: Rifleman is 5.56, Marksman 7.62,...) As a squad leader it is your job to fill out your group marker on the map. This is done by opening the map as an SL and selecting "edit" at the top right. Fill our what your squads SR and LR wil be. In notes fill out Leader + 2nd in command. We are not a milsim community but we do use a chain of command. Listen to your superiors in the mission otherwise everything becomes chaotic. BSO employs a zero tolerance policy when it comes to disruptive behaviour. If you do anything to disrupt your fellow players or the mission on purpose you will be given a temporary ban. Employ common sense. Think about your actions/plan before executing it.
  11. Shadowfox

    How to install/use TFAR

    How to install TFAR After you have subscribed to TFAR Beta on the steam workshop. Open your Arma 3 launcher and navigate to the mods tab. Select TFAR Beta and select the “three dots” at the bottom right of the mod. Select “open folder in windows explorer” Open the tfar folder and go into the teamspeak folder. Run the installer for TS3 (make sure to turn TS3 off whilst installing) In TS3 navigate to "tools -> options -> addons" and make sure that the addon "task force arma 3 radio" says " enabled on it. How to use TFAR in Arma Radios come in two different forms for TFAR, Long Range (LR) and Short Range (SR). Short range radios can be found in the arsenals under “communication”. The two main SR’s we use as blufor forces are the AN/PRC 152 and the RF-7800S-TR. The main difference between those two SR radios is range. We usually always take the 152. The LR radios in TFAR come as backpacks in the arsenal they have a range of 20 Km (on flat ground). LR radios are only for Lead elements such as squad leaders and officers. By default transmitting on the SR is done by pressing the tab key. We usually recommend rebinding this to a different key as to not overlap with other mods such as ace. You can rebind keys in Configure -> controls -> configure addons -> tfar. Radio Comms Guidelines and Frequencies General Radio Guidelines Messages: Only send your traffic instantly if it’s critical intel then start your message with “BREAK BREAK BREAK” When sending or receiving a message following standardized start should be used: “Receivers name” , “Senders name”, (either ask to be heard with “message” or wait) “Senders name” , “Receivers name”, send traffic EXAMPLE: ALPHA – Command,Alpha COMMAND – Alpha this is command , send traffic ALPHA – Command Alpha has been reduced to a 4 man fireteam, How copy over? COMMAND – Alpha this is command, Solid copy proceed to RV with Bravo,Over ALPHA – Command Alpha, Understood, OUT At the end of a message chain the one that initiated ends with “OUT”. Make sure to always identify yourself. How to do Comm Checks Example of bad comms check: “Checking radios” -> who the Fuck are you? Who are you checking and on what net??? Good Comms check: “Alpha checking Squad net Frequency 31” “Solid copy on frequency 31 SL” “Command,Alpha Comms check platoon net Frequency 30 how copy?” “Alpha Command ,Roger” Platoon Net - Usually Frequency 50 This is where SL’s contact Platoon command and vice versa. Usually all lead elements are listening on this net. With the exception of armor,air and sometimes support elements. Platoon net is only meant for intel that is mission critical or need to know for the commander. Intel such as “we are taking fire” is not needed however intel such as “Alpha is now down to 2 members” is needed from a command perspective. This net has a lot of people on it so Conduct is VERY important. Air Net - Usually frequency 60 This net is occupied by all air elements in the missions as well as the FAC. It operates in the same way as platoon net. If there is the need to seperate Air net into CAS and LOGI the FAC will instruct the pilots on what frequencies to take. FAC operates on this net with a LR backpack. Pilots use either a backpack or the on board radio of their vehicle. Air to Air Net - Usually frequency 61 This net is occupied by just the air elements both Logi and CAS this net is used to let other pilots know about manoeuvres such as landings/take-offs. Armor/supports Net - Usually frequency 70 and 80 This net contains all Armor (70) elements or support elements (80). The platoon command will instruct lead elements if this Net will be split into different Freqs or not. Squad Net - All frequencies between 31-50 Occupied by all squad members unless instructed otherwise by SL. Usually starts with Alpha on 30 then bravo 31 etc… and fireteams on the frequencies in between such as Alpha 1-2 on 30.1 and bravo 1-3 on 31.2 for example. Use other squad frequencies to relay direct messages without bothering command. So as an SL you could set channel 5 to charlie frequency and then press numpad 5 at any point to send a direct message.
  12. Shadowfox

    Arma 3 BSO Modsets

    HOW TO : Download the .html file In your Arma Launcher Mod Tab, go into your Presets, select ‘Import’, then select the file. Arma will automatically download and install the mods, as well as create a preset. To install TFAR, go to the mod in the Arma Launcher. Click the Icon with the 3 Dots, and select “Open Folder in Windows Explorer”. This will open the TFAR installation folder. Open this folder, inside will be a TS3 folder with an installer. Run the installer, and restart TS3. Do not forget to enable TFAR in TS3. Do this by ‘Tools->Options->Addons’ and make sure TFAR is enabled Any issues, join the Discord – BSO Discord BSO v3.5 Modset BSO v3.5 Modset The standard BSO modpack. Added VSM All-In-One - used as a dependency for BSO Factions (ShadowFox made mod) Added new 3CB mods required since the last update BSO Vietnam Liberation Modset Vietnam Liberation modset This is the modset to use when BSO2 is running the Vietnam Liberation mission. BSO Antistasi Modset Antistasi Modset This is the modset to use when BSO is running the Antistasi mission.
  13. Shadowfox

    BSO's Arma 3 Rules

    !!! These following rules apply to any and all BSO missions unless otherwise instructed by zeus/gamemaster !!! On joining the server try and always fill out squads top to bottom. Play roles required for the succes of the mission. BSO currently uses an open arsenal. However this does not mean you are allowed to take whatever you want. Check the mission briefing for the uniform/camo. Select weapons for your class and stay in your caliber (for example: Rifleman is 5.56, Marksman 7.62,...) As a squad leader it is your job to fill out your group marker on the map. This is done by opening the map as an SL and selecting "edit" at the top right. Fill our what your squads SR and LR wil be. In notes fill out Leader + 2nd in command. We are not a milsim community but we do use a chain of command. Listen to your superiors in the mission otherwise everything becomes chaotic. BSO employs a zero tolerance policy when it comes to disruptive behaviour. If you do anything to disrupt your fellow players or the mission on purpose you will be given a temporary ban. Employ common sense. Think about your actions/plan before executing it.