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    BSO server reorganization and maintenance.
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    ** This is a Zeus mission built and hosted by MrPants. Time and Date of Deployment: 29/06/18 20.30 (BST) 19.30 (ZULU) Mods in Use - modset · V3 BSO Mod Pack · Approved Client Side Mods · JBAD · Lythium Situation: British Forces have been preparing to withdraw from the Province of Lythium to hand over to local Afghanistan military forces. Intelligence had reported considerable ISIS elements entering the North of the Province retreating from lost territory and aggressive pursuit by Allied forces. Last night FOB Mikis can under heavy assault from ISIS forces. As of 03.34am all contact was lost with 2 Section that were garrisoned there. Mission: British Special Forces QRF are to move to FOB Mikis locate and identify all British Forces personnel and extract them back to Green Camp Base. 2 Section was 12 man team at time of lost contact, they had suffered some casualties though no KIA were at the time reported. Objectives 1. Find, secure and rescue all British Forces Personnel 2. Secure FOB Mikis Time of Deployment: 05:15 (In-Game Time) Weather: Low level of cloud turning to clear skies. No fog anticipated. Wind rising to the North as clouds clear. Enemy Forces: Intelligence reports transient ISIS forces have entered into the Province from the North West. Mortar fire was reported by 2 Section during initial contact at Mikis FOB. ISIS fighters have basic level training, although fleeing elements are experienced from previous engagements and have scavenged hardware from defeated milita forces. Some of these militia forces had been supplied with heavy weaponry by the Allied forces. Whilst anti-air capability is unlikely it is not to be assumed non-existent. Armoured support is mostly technicals although a few tracked armoured pieces are known to have been sighted. Friendly Forces: 2 Assault Element: Squad Lead, Demolitions (AT), Marksman, Point Man, FAC, Medic, Autorifleman. 1 Recon Element: Sniper & Spotter 1 Pilot Element: Pilot, Co-Pilot Vehicles 1 Merlin HC18 GPMG 1 MRAP M1237 (M2) 1 Coyote HMG 2 Land Rover WMIK GPMG 1 Land Rover WMIK HMG Supplies: Resupply is not expected to be a factor for this deployment Reinforcements: Forces will be able to respawn at nearest held FOB. Vehicles will not be replaced. Rules of Engagement: Weapon Control Order: weapons hold. Hard posture, Helmets on. Civilian casualties are to be avoided IED's are to be defused or detonated. Captured insurgents are to be detained. Civilian Population: There is a civilian population in the vicinity. Civilian casualties will not be tolerated.
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    Rolling Thunder #24

    Good luck guys!
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    Hopefully you're not drinking. 🤔🤣
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    Operation: Tiger Land

    I think he's going to make a move for your Wednesday spot Garfield! 😨
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    Operation War on Terror


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    Situation: After Iraqi forces were pushed out of North Iraq by ISIS we have been ordered to regroup in the City of Fallujah. Golden Division, Iraqi special forces, has been ordered to help train conventional forces on the ground there. However we have recently gained intel of a possible terrorist cell operating in the city in hopes to assist the advancing ISIS forces, we are tasked with eliminating this threat. Currently we are operating out of an FOB north of the city with limited resources however we will carry out these orders quickly to squash any possible insurgancy. Mission: We currently have access to two little birds and an APC (pandur) to help us access the city quickly. The intel so far is that three insurgent sites around the city are being used to store heavy weapons and IED making equipment. The orders are to have the main group insert by little bird and work down from the roof of each site securing intel and taking prisoners. Once secured the APC which will be on route during the strike will collect the prisoners and anything else HQ deem useful and return to the FOB. We have an individual who won't be named who is well trained in enhanced interogation techniques, it goes without saying that this is to be kept quiet from our western allies. After all three sites are secured and prisoners interrogated we hope to have by that point gained intel on a fourth site where the leader is hiding. Insert, secure and kill everything inside. Equipment: Weapon loadout and uniform loadout are already set up and ready however you are allowed to choose how much medical equipment and ammo you take and also grab NVG (No thermals) and equip Balaclavas to conseal identity. Also feel free to change sights as long as they are appropriate to CQB fighting. Squad Layout: Golden Division Squad Alpha (APC Element) 1 team leader 1 MG 1 Combat Medic Golden Divison Squad Bravo (Heli Element) 1 Team Leader 1 Combat Medic 1 MG 1 MG Assistant 1 RPG 1 RPG Assistant Golden Divison Squad Charlie (Heli Element) 1 Team Leader 1 Combat Medic 1 MG 1 MG Assistant 1 RPG 1 RPG Assistant Golden Divison Squad Delta (Pilots) 1 Heli Pilot 1 Heli Pilot (If we have squad Charlie full) Operation Cut-Throat Modset This is a mission hosted by Tavish.
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    Mission: Your squad is a part of the 4 Rifles Battalion in the British Army. You are on your first tour of duty is in the Helmand Province in Clafghan. Your role today is to secure and control a checkpoint just outside of the main city Ovallestan. This is vital in securing the safety of the local population. Mission Names: British Checkpoint Kunduz modset British Checkpoint CLAfghan modset This is a mission built & hosted by reece.
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    Sounds like it was a fun mission. Since Wildcat is broken he should be hosting a Zeus mission daily.
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    Kuril Islands dispute - OP Bokoku


    I'll be in Yosemite. 😥
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    This is a mission that will be Zeus'd by Sabakapx. Briefing: The date is April, 2020. After the end of brutal war in Ukraine, annexation of eastern part of Ukraine by Russian Federation followed. Now russians are looking for a new place they can throw into chaos. After unsuccessful coup attempt, Slovakia is very weak and divided. Pro-Russian militants are raiding villages and Neo-Nazis are celebrating victories against weak police forces. This thing is a mess. Slovak government has achieved to bring the few elite forces, that were spread around the globe, back to their homeland to start investigation on what is going on in the deep forests of eastern Slovakia. Modset: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/109829980074049536/450822399106088961/Slovak_army_fighting_babies.html