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  • BSO1: non-modded Arma

    BSO hosts a public Arma 3 server without any mod requirements. This server runs our own mission file "Project Arrowhead" it's a mission file comparable to Invade and Annex 3. The mission will keep spawning large enemy occupied territories and it is your goal to eradicate the OPFOR presence. On top of that the mission file has procedurally generated side objectives as well as random camps and patrols around the map.

    To join this server all you need is Arma 3 itself
    We do encourage people on the server to join our teamspeak (ts.blackscreenoperations.com) for easier communications between players.


    Server IP: blackscreenoperations.com
    Server Port: 2302

  • Rules and Guidelines

      • Admin: Core founding members of the community. They have acces to everything
      • Moderator: They moderate both community and the technical side of BSO. They have acces to most of the servers depending on each moderators personal expertise.
      • Staff: Moderate the community itself. They moderate forums,discord,... and are the ones that are a sort of ambassador for BSO.
      • BSO Distinguished member: Members that have gone above and beyond to help the community. They're usually people that take initiative,organize missions,support the upkeep of the server etc...
      • BSO Veteran: Experienced members of the community that have been around for ages. They know what to do and have a broad spectrum of knowledge.
      • BSO Member: Regular old member to BSO
      • BSO Recruit: A fresh applicant to BSO that got through the application process. They will rank up in time to full member depending on playtime and behaviour.
      • FNG: Someone that has joined the website/forums. They may or may not have submitted an application. (We are currently working on a bot to integrate into TS3)

        Everyone in BSO is held to the same standards don't be afraid to speak out and contact staff/admins with issues.

        PM any of the staff on discord with questions regarding rank and they will gladly help you.
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    • !!! These following rules apply to any and all BSO missions unless otherwise instructed by zeus/gamemaster !!!

      1. On joining the server try and always fill out squads top to bottom. Play roles required for the succes of the mission.
      2. BSO currently uses an open arsenal. However this does not mean you are allowed to take whatever you want. Check the mission briefing for the uniform/camo. Select weapons for your class and stay in your caliber (for example: Rifleman is 5.56, Marksman 7.62,...)
      3. As a squad leader it is your job to fill out your group marker on the map. This is done by opening the map as an SL and selecting "edit" at the top right. Fill our what your squads SR and LR wil be. In notes fill out Leader + 2nd in command.
      4.  We are not a milsim community but we do use a chain of command. Listen to your superiors in the mission otherwise everything becomes chaotic.
      5. BSO employs a zero tolerance policy when it comes to disruptive behaviour. If you do anything to disrupt your fellow players or the  mission on purpose you will be given a temporary ban. 
      6. Employ common sense. Think about your actions/plan before executing it.