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  • BSO2: modded Arma

    BSO hosts a public modded Arma 3 server. This server usually runs "KP Liberation" . It's a mission file where you slowly conquer the entire map town by town. You have the ability to build your own FOB's and you need to collect resources and other things to build up your own arsenal. These missions usually take around a week or two to complete and you won't lose progress in between server restarts.

    To join this server you will need Arma 3 itself and our Modpack (See below)
    For BSO2 we require people to have a working mic and join the teamspeak to use the in game radios from TFAR.


    Server IP: blackscreenoperations.com
    Server Port: 2312

  • Modpack

    • HOW TO :

      • Download the .html file
      • In your Arma Launcher Mod Tab, go into your Presets, select ‘Import’, then select the file.
      • Arma will automatically download and install the mods, as well as create a preset.
      • To install TFAR, go to the mod in the Arma Launcher. Click the Icon with the 3 Dots, and select “Open Folder in Windows Explorer”. This will open the TFAR installation folder. Open this folder, inside will be a TS3 folder with an installer. Run the installer, and restart TS3.
      • Do not forget to enable TFAR in TS3. Do this by ‘Tools->Options->Addons’ and make sure TFAR is enabled
      • Any issues, join the Discord – BSO Discord


      BSO v3.5 Modset

      BSO v3.5 Modset

      • The standard BSO modpack.
      • Added VSM All-In-One - used as a dependency for BSO Factions (ShadowFox made mod)
      • Added new 3CB mods required since the last update

      BSO Vietnam Liberation Modset

      Vietnam Liberation modset

      • This is the modset to use when BSO2 is running the Vietnam Liberation mission.


      BSO Antistasi Modset

      Antistasi Modset

      • This is the modset to use when BSO is running the Antistasi mission.
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