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BSO Public Day - Saturday 22nd!

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Event details

Our own ryan(a) built the mission template and will be Zeus'ing the event.  This will be a completely public event, running from roughly 3 - 10PM BST for several hours.  NLDraakje will be available on TeamSpeak in the help channel to provide technical help.

Players are free to join and leave at there leisure but we ask you finish your current assignment first as not to leave a mission unfinished.

Radio frequency will be on the map, and we are using the TFAR.

Short range(152) 30-40, Long range 50-60, Command net/Zeus will be on 30/50 if you need to contact them.

Location: Altis, custom base on the main airfield, with the carrier and destroyer to add in some more assets to use, such as the new gun and rocket system.


TeamSpeak is MANDATORY for this operation once you have joined the TS please set your name the same as you in-game name and move to the BSO2 channel- TS.blackscreenoperations.com

Server-BSO2 Port-2402
Spreadsheet for sign up/squad info.


Expect a variety of mission types from convoys, defences, HVT capture/kill, bomb disposal, and more. With multiple ways to get around the map including paradrops.

We ask that you play as a team and work together to achieve objectives, and Zeus will be using every thing in their arsenal from troops, artillery and aircraft to ensure you are always engaging in a fight.

Please follow orders from command, they are there to ensure that the missions run smoothly to ensure you are not all clustered into one area.


Arma3 Zeus.jpg

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