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Arma Server Reorganization and Maintenance

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All of BSO servers can be found filtering for [blackscreenoperations.com].

** Note the new ports that the servers use.  If you have had the servers marked as a favorite in the past you will probably have to find the server and mark is as a favorite again.

BSO1 - port 2302 - Will host an Invade & Annex Apex Edition (Vanilla).  Join the battle for Altis, Tanoa or Malden in the newest version of the popular Invade & Annex mission series.  I&A Apex features custom insignia's, uniform's and vehicles and available to BSO members only through the in-game Area 51 control panel.  BSO members who want Area 51 access need to send me their Arma Player UID so I can add them to the whitelist.  Watch this 42 second YouTube video if you do not know how to find your Arma Player UID.  Those interested can read all about all of the new and exciting features I&A Apex Edition hereInvade & Annex Apex Edition has been updated to v110 which supports Encore!




BSO2 - port 2402 -  Will host an ALiVE driven persistent mission built by ShadowFox.  Feel free to join the battle and your feedback is appreciated.  Modset is subject to change and can be found in the Teamspeak channel description or here


BSO2 -  We also host a Liberation persistent public mission when members request it and it rerquires the v3 modset located here.


BSO2 - Will also host our Zeus Game Master missions.  ZGM's can be given ArmaRemoteAdmin (ARA) permissions so they can install/update/load mods and start/stop the server.  New ZGM's will need to get a quick tutorial on how to control the server using ARA from an experienced member so that you don't break anything.  ZGM's need to configre FileZilla so that they can upload their missions to the server.  Those instructions can be found here.  Look for ZeusGM events and modsets on the website calendar.




BSO4 - port 2602 - Will host Antistasi Blurfor for BSO members, allies & their guests.  A custom modset is being used and can be found here. Join the fun in starting off with very little money, supplies, equipment, weapons and vehicles with the ultimate goal of fighting and conquering a better equipped military. The official Antistasi Guide is a good place to start if you want to learn how-to play.



BSO Orientation Server - IP: port 2302

A couple of BSO members requested that I put update the BSO Orientation mission and put it up on one one of the server.  I am hosting the BSO Orientation mission 24/7 on a separate box for members to join using the usual BSO password.  To find the server you can filter for [blackscreenoperations.com] or direct connect via the IP and port#.  The server is only designed for 4-6 players maximum.  The modset can be found here.



**** If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me or another member of staff.

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