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  • What is BSO?

    BSO was founded by Luetin,ShadowFox and Ezlan in january 2017. The group started out as a community of like minded arma players that wanted to have the in game seriousness and tactical play of milsim, BUT WITHOUT the strict ruleset. We play arma in a tactical manner but are in no way a milsim community. Arma is a game that requires teamplay and coordination so we employ normal, real-life military guidelines for radio and command structure. We don't enforce a milsim atmosphere, but we do expect you to 'switch on'.

    The core features and rules of the group were decided early on and are still implemented in the community to this day (BSO Core Guidelines). 

    BSO mainly plays Arma 3, however, we do branch out to whatever games our members like to play. We have an Admin team dedicated to helping out the community with running dedicated servers for member events on Arma and different games alike.

    The main thing we look for in our members is maturity (apparently), the ability to handle problems with respect for others and having a good laugh throughout. We are a no-bullshit community and our Admin team will not sort out fights between members; if you cause drama, you can deal with the drama - we won't. At the end of the day all of us are here to play a game and have some fun. We are a community that is more dedicated to slow healthy growth of members rather then taking in a large amount of public members rapidly. We're all a big group of friends and it really shows; come and play with us and you'll see what we mean!