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    • BSO and FK merger
      After some careful consideration as well as some late night meetings with the FK staff. We have decided to join forces with them. This will mean that BSO will dissolve most of it's assets into FK however we we will still remain a group of players known as BSO but we'll be operating as a subcommunity of FK. For everyone that doesn't know FK community or hasn't kept up to date with the latest changes i suggest you go and check out their website at https://www.fuckknows.eu/
      for some further information and for any questions feel free to contact any of our staff.

      Details of the merger.
      In the coming weeks we will slowly dissolve our TS,Arma servers, Discord (partially) into FK. Plans for our Arma server atm are as follows: 1 server will be used to host a 24/7 mission file exile/antistasi/I&A of course under FK's name and with their ruleset (very similar to ours) another server for Arma will be used to host missions that don't adhere to their standard modset such as Unsung,OPTRE,... as well as perhaps some overflow missions. I have told FK that i don't want to see any preferential treatment for BSO members because we don't want to annoy the people that have played there for ages with suddenly showing up and getting ranks on day 1. So we wil be working our way back up in their ranking system. However the ranking system is definitely not that bad and all their missions are open to anyone. some staff may receive 'preferential' treatment per se, in that they will be given the permissions to organise elements of the merger. This is to ensure the smoothest of transitions and is not something afforded to all staff, but only those key to the process.

      IF you have any questions at all regarding the merger please leave an @ShadowFox @Staff question in the #future-of-bso channel we wil respond as quickly as possible.

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    • As stated in the title,

      After a request I've added a list of Do's and Don'ts to the Guides section, feel free to leave feedback, and let me know if you feel something else needs to be added.
      Also let me know which list, it should be added to.

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    • Added mod : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1383094845

      Mod created by ShadowFox

      It adds a custom russian faction with some more interesting AI loadouts. Medics will have more bandages + blood, rifleman will have fglashlight on their gun,marksman with claymores and HMG crews etc. they're all designed to work with and for VCOM AI + ACE3

      more to be added and yes i do take suggestions ^^

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    • New added mod to the modpack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1382432755

      Mod by Lawrence which gives medics the ability to self stitch. In future we might add on to this particular mod with extra options for medics and other things.

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  • BSO 2018 Trailer by Ezlan

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